University of Dundee

Divisional Contacts

Divisional Contacts Contact

Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Secretaries: Karen PopeKirstie McArdle, Diane Purves, Deborah Tarver, Deborah Moorjani

Lab Managers: Shona McInroy

Cell Signalling and Immunology

Secretary: Pamela Johnstone

Lab Manager: Marianne Reilly, Jackie Heilbronn

Cell and Developmental Biology

Secretary: Sara Salvaterra

Lab Manager: Louise McGreavey 

CRUK Nucleic Acid Structure Research Group

Professor David Lilley

Signal Transduction Therapy

C James Hastie

Gene Regulation and Expression

Divisional Secretary: Angie Blake, Julie Newhouse

Lab Managers:  Wendy James, Marianne Reilly

Lab Technician: Jade Gordon

Molecular Microbiology


Lab Manager: Yvonne Lindsay

MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit

Secretaries:  Alison Hart, Emma Mitchell, Helen Currie

Lab Manager: Allison Bridges

Plant Sciences

Secretary: Margo Petrie 

Lab Manager: Sandie Gray

Computational Biology

Secretary: Sara Salvaterra

Lab Manager: Jackie Heilbronn, Nancy Kirk

Geomicrobiology Group

Secretary:  Pamela Johnstone

D'Arcy Thompson Unit

(Undergraduate Learning & Teaching)

Operations Manager: Angie Nicoll

Head of Administration: Arlene Stewart

Learning & Teaching School Laboratory Services Manager: Monica Lacey

Research School Services Manager: Letty Gibson

Central Technical Services Manager: Ryan Webster

Stores and in coming/out going parcels: Mike Hannan

Administration, reception, mail and porter services: Zoe Hirons