University of Dundee

Central Technical Service - Lab Coats

Supply of lab coats

Standard collar and Howie style lab coats in white and blue are supplied free of charge to research groups in the MSI/WTB/JBC/CTIR complex. These are available from the rail in JBC basement CTS Sterile Supplies Unit or can be delivered to lab managers on request.

To arrange delivery of white or blue lab coats please contact us stating,

  • Style (standard or Howie)
  • Size (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
  • Colour (white or blue)
  • Group/floor

Lab coats will be delivered to lab managers who have responsibility to label them so they return after laundry.

For temporary use by short-term researchers/students, lab coats are not labelled and are simply placed in the laundry sacks so they return to CTS for re-use.

BE GREEN – Where possible we re-issue lab coats in good condition. If we do not have a lab coat in your size and style we source one for you.

Reception visitor lab coats

There are rails holding different size visitor lab coats situated at the CTIR and JBC reception areas and in the WTB Atrium. These are primarily for use by tour groups.

For outside contractors and other working visitors spare lab coats are available from JBC basement CTS Sterile Supplies Unit.

Laundry of lab coats


  • Laundry collection sacks are sited in each lab (these are blue and are hung on a lab coat hook at the end of the lab or outside the TC suite).
  • Cat. 1 white coats can be place directly into the laundry sack.
  • Cat. 2 and TC suite blue coats MUST be placed in a red dissolving plastic laundry bag before putting in the laundry collection sack.
  • Cat. 3 green coats MUST be autoclaved in the Cat 3 suite before putting into the laundry collection sack.

We use an external laundry provider (Laundry-Online) with a turn-round time of approximately 10 days from collection to return of clean coats.

Had a spill?

If you accidentally contaminate your lab coat with a biological spill, please place it in a red dissolving plastic laundry bag. If you contaminate your clothes, scrubs are available to change into from CTS.