University of Dundee

Central Technical Service - Sterile Supplies Unit

The Sterile Supplies Unit provides an economical source of  basic sterile consumables  used in most labs. We also (where scientifically necessary) clean and sterilise reusable items such as glass pipettes.

Examples of sterile consumables supplied include,

  • Pipette tips - non-filtered, racked, autoclaved tips.
  • Eppendorf tubes - 1.5 ml (80 per box).

BE GREEN – We have dedicated Technical Support Assistants who hand rack over 100,000 tips every week. This reduces the amount of plastic boxes and refill packs used and saves the school approximately £150,000 per year compared to buying ready-racked sterile tips.

Choose from,

  • Starlab @ 10ul, 200ul, 1250ul
  • Greiner @ 10ul, 200ul, 1ml
  • Gel loading @ 200ul

Glass pipettes

We rinse and sterilise glass pipettes only when there is a scientific reason for using glass e.g. cell lines that adhere to plastics.

Glass pipettes used for biological work must be placed in a cylinder of Virkon awaiting collection (maximum size = 2L).

After collection glass pipettes are placed in a syphon washer, rinsed with hot water, soaked overnight in glass washing detergent, rinsed again, with the final rinsing using demineralised water.

Pipettes are dried in a hot air cabinet, placed in metal canisters and sterilised in an oven or autoclave before returning to labs.

IS IT GREEN ? – considering the time, energy, chemicals and water that are used to wash and re-sterlise glass pipettes it may not be the cheaper, greener option compared to disposables.