University of Dundee

Central Technical Service - TC/Cat.2

The TC team remove waste from TC suites and Cat. 2 areas, including collection of,

  • Waste bags
  • Red boxes
  • Aspirators (please remove the aspiration cap and close with a full cap before placing in the collection area)

We supply on request,

  • New aspirator bottles and aspiration caps.
  • Biohazard bins and bags.
  • Mops and antistatic floor wipes.
  • Biocidal chemicals for incubators (e.g. BiocidalZF spray and Aquaclean for humidity trays)

What we do not do

  • We don’t clean spills on floors during the day – please use your spill kit.
  • We don’t buff or scrub floors.
  • We don’t move cells in incubators.
  • We don’t check levels of aspirators or change them when attached to MSC.
  • We don’t remove waste containers that are overfilled.
  • We don't top up humidity trays.

BE GREEN – inform the lab manager immediately if you notice mould in an incubator. Mould can adapt to life in an incubator and grow rapidly at 37 C!  Once established it is impossible to remove every single spore and the mould will keep growing back. More time and energy is needed to keep the incubator clean and it may even need to be replaced.

Cleaning of incubators

(This may vary depending on local arrangements and the make of incubator)

  • A notice will be placed on the front of the incubator advising of the cleaning day.
  • Please empty the incubator before the designated time (it will not be cleaned if it contains cells).
  • The incubator is stripped of removable parts, these are cleaned and sterilised.
  • The HEPA filter is changed if needed (normally this is annually).
  • The inside of the incubator is thoroughly cleaned with Terminex and rinsed.
  • Shelves are replaced.
  • Where there is an internal decontamination cycle this is run.
  • The inside of the Forma incubator is sprayed with a biocidal coating (BiocidalZF) to inhibit microbial growth.
  • Humidity trays are filled with water and an inert biocide (Aquaclean).

It is the responsibility of users to monitor the water level and top up on other days. Water is available from shelves outside the Media Unit.

General Cleaning

Central Technical Service also clean handwash basins and floors in TC suites and Cat 2 areas, as well as removing general (black bag) waste.

Floors are cleaned between 08.00-09.30 on a weekly basis.