University of Dundee


We are committed to ensuring that our research has a real and significant impact on the quality of people’s lives – their health, the economy and the environment.

We deliver our research impact in a number of ways: economic, societal engaging the public in the culture of science and by working with schools.

  • The School's global reputation for research excellence has enabled us to forge important strategic partnerships and attract inward investment from industrial collaborators, spin-out companies and in-house service units.

  • Our researchers are committed to ensuring that government policy and international development initiatives, as well as commercial and public interest, applies our research and institutional expertise to safeguard global food security, sustainable energy, technological innovation and economic growth.

  • Sharing and explaining our science has always been recognised as an integral part of the remit and responsibility of all our scientists. We are keen to communicate our passion for scientific research to members of the public, to people of all ages and from all educational backgrounds.

  • University of Dundee School of Life Sciences schools outreach aims to support Scotland's schools and their delivery of outcomes and aims around science, topical and ethical issues, careers, and interdisciplinary learning.