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September 2009

  • 28 Sep 2009

     CLS scientist receives £2.2 million grant to investigate fatal infections A College of Life Sciences Principal Investigator has been awarded £2.2million to explore means of combating fungal infections thought to contribute to the deaths of millions of people each year. Professor Daan van Aalten received the grant from the Medical Research Council to investigate the “molecular mechanisms of fungal cell wall assembly” over the next five years. 

  • 07 Sep 2009

    Researchers at the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee are embarking on a £1million project to unlock the secrets of a form of gene regulation that appears to play a role in processes as varied as the flowering of plants to why humans develop some cancers.

  • 06 Sep 2009

    The most recent student in GRE to successfully defend their PhD was Geng Liu. His thesis was on the: "Control of the p53 tumour suppressor protein through the NEDD8 conjugation pathway".

  • 04 Sep 2009

    Professor Sue Black, Director of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification at Dundee University’s College of Life Sciences was awarded an Honorary Degree by the University of Abertay Dundee in recognition of her contribution to the development of the field of Forensic Science and Human Identification.