University of Dundee

CLS recruit named editor in chief of cross-disciplinary journal

14 Oct 2010

CLS recruit named editor in chief of cross-disciplinary journal

Professor Timothy Newman will shortly become Editor in Chief of the journal Physical Biology, published by the Institute of Physics Press. Professor Newman said, "I will be working hard to promote Physical Biology to all sections of the biology community". Tim Newman will join the University of Dundee in January 2011 as a joint College of Life Sciences (CLS) and College of Arts Science and Engineering (CASE) appointment and as the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) Professor of Systems Biology.

Professor Newman, currently Director of the Centre for Biological Physics at Arizona State University, is a graduate in Physics from Oxford with a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Manchester. He has worked in Cologne, Virginia, Illinois and Arizona and is highly regarded for his computational and theoretical modelling of biological systems. He uses methods from the theory of stochastic processes and non-equilibrium systems to better understand problems in biology and works closely with experimental biologists, including Professor Kees Weijer at the College of life Sciences.

The College extends its warmest congratulations to Tim Newman on being made Editor in Chief of Physical Biology and looks forward to welcoming him in January.