University of Dundee

Dundee Cancer Centre donation drive for local CRUK charity shops

13 Feb 2012

Following last year’s highly successful appeal Dundee Cancer Centre has once again organised a charity drive for local CRUK shops.

There will be a Donation Station set up for local Cancer Research UK shops in WTB reception on Friday 24 February (10am - 4pm). Donation bags are now available from WTB reception (just look out for the blue balloons!), so please take some home and have a clean out over the next two weeks – the local shops are in particular need of clothes, jewellery, accessories and books, but all donations are appreciated.

Heather, the Dundee Shop Manager, will be collecting the bags personally on Friday 24thso please do stop to say hello as you drop off your donation bags and sign up for Gift Aid (which earns an extra 25p on every £1 value of goods you donate).

In January 2011 you donated an amazing 155 bags of stock to the local shops, raising over £ 2,500 for the charity, so let’s see if we can beat that this year!

Any questions please feel free to contact:

Sarah Muir at