University of Dundee

Bright Club Training returns in 2014

04 Feb 2014

If you’re a budding comedian, looking for a new public engagement opportunity, want to make your life more interesting, or just like the sound of your own voice then we have the right workshop for you.

We are pleased to announce that professional comedian Susan Morrison will be facilitating the ‘Bright Club - Finding Humour in Your Research’ workshop on Thursday 20th March 2014 from 10am-3pm (Scrymgeour Building).

Susan Morrison has trained hundreds of people from Universities to find and communicate their research to different audiences.

There’s no obligation to perform and there is much more to finding humour in your research than Bright Club. It’s useful when speaking to any audience including funders, policy makers and the general public. More importantly it breeds confidence and makes you more memorable, which supports career progression and media work.

The biggest incentive we can offer is that performing is brilliant fun – hopefully we’ll hear from some of you soon. And if you don’t believe us here’s what others at the University think of our training

“I’ve bought more humour in to my lectures. The students seem more alert at the end of lectures and the laughs I get certainly make teaching much more enjoyable for me.” Dr Nicola Innes, Senior Lecturer, May 2013

“Thanks for organising this. It was the best workshop or event I've ever been on.” – Prof Trevor Harley, Dean of the School of Psychology, February 2013

“Bright Club helped me get a job. My new job role requires good communication skills, and upon Googling my name, one interviewer and my future boss stumbled across my Bright Club performance. They were impressed that I had the bottle to do it..”  Former PhD Student, Amrit Bhachu, May 2013

For more information or to reserve a place, please contact