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June 2015

  • 30 Jun 2015

    The Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee has been awarded “Project of the Year, 2014” by the not-for-profit organisation, Medicines for Malaria Venture for their work on the new potential anti-malaria compound “DDD107498 – The Compound with Muscle”.  The discovery of the compound was recently published in the journal Nature and has been selected as a preclinical candidate by MMV and recently partnered with the pharmaceutical company Merck Serono. 

  • 22 Jun 2015

    Three Life Sciences students at the University of Dundee have been successful in securing a prestigious Saltire Foundation Scholars Undergraduate Internship over the summer.  This scheme gives undergraduate students with huge potential and ambition the chance to experience the working environment of highly successful firms or high growth entrepreneurial companies at home and abroad.  

  • DDD107498
    17 Jun 2015

    The details of the discovery, properties and mechanism of action of a novel antimalarial compound, DDD107498, have been published in the journal Nature. DDD107498 has the potential to treat malaria patients in a single dose, including those with malaria parasites resistant to current medications, and help reduce the transmission of the parasite.   The compound was identified through a collaboration between the University of Dundee’s Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV).  

  • 15 Jun 2015

    Scientists at the University of Dundee have developed a super-targeted method of destroying malevolent proteins in tumour cells, removing the threat of collateral damage to surrounding proteins.   The research team led by Dr Alessio Ciulli in the College of Life Sciences at Dundee has developed a small molecule that can hone in highly selectively on a single protein, BRD4, which has emerged as an attractive drug target for cancer.  

  • 11 Jun 2015

    Two Ph.D. students from Life Sciences at the University of Dundee have been invited to the highly prestigious Roche Continents - a full week of interdisciplinary challenges and inspiration at Roche Continents which takes place in Salzburg (during the Salzburg Festival) from August 11-17. 

  • 04 Jun 2015

    ‘Transmissions: Exploring the Microbial World’ – new exhibition at LifeSpace   Attached image is ‘Embossing’ by Mark Doyle     Visitors to the newest exhibition at the University of Dundee’s LifeSpace gallery will be invited to consider the implications of human co-existence with microbial life, including resistance to antibiotic medicine.