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November 2015

  • 19 Nov 2015

    Today Mike was presented with a University of Dundee Chancellor's Award at the November Degree Ceremony, following nomination by the College of Life Sciences and announcement of the award on June 12, 2015. The Chancellor's Award recognises and rewards senior teachers for outstanding achievement in contributions to teaching at the University of Dundee, and who have demonstrated effective leadership in teaching and mentoring for new teachers.  The award also confers the title of Chancellor's Award Fellow.

  • 11 Nov 2015

    An artwork created for the opening of the University of Dundee’s LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery is included in an international exhibition of current digital art practice opening this week at The Lowry in Salford.   ‘Stutterer’, created by artists Thomson & Craighead is a two-channel video installation that uses the human genome sequence as its score and take more than 75 years to play from beginning to end.  

  • 11 Nov 2015

    The MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC PPU) is pleased to share a new video that describes one of the most significant components of the research carried out in the Unit – communication between cells.   Entitled ‘The Heart of Research and Discovery’ and narrated by the stage and film actor Brian Cox, the animation conveys the significance of signalling events and explains how this is mediated by phosphorylation.

  • 10 Nov 2015

    Researchers at the University of Dundee have shed new light on the operations of a population of our white bloods cells which play a vital role in killing infected or tumorous cells and fighting infection and diseases like cancer.   Cytotoxic T cells are a type of white blood cell found in the human body. They are known to be a strong part of our cellular defences but exactly how they work is not fully understood.  

  • 03 Nov 2015

    A new study by UK scientists has the potential to deal with roundworm infestation that costs the UK agricultural industry £50million a year. Potato cyst nematodes (PCN) are a significant threat to the UK fresh and processing potato markets, but the new study takes science a step closer towards managing the PCN problem by mapping different population “types” at scales from whole landscapes to areas within a field with unprecedented accuracy.

  • 02 Nov 2015

    Life Sciences Open Day: Technologies and Art in Life Sciences Including Seeing through the see-through and featuring outreach and engagement activities with Dundee Imaging Facility artist-in-residence Mat Fleming Saturday 7th November 11am - 5pm Venue: LifeSpace Gallery, The Discovery Centre, School of Life Sciences, (top of) Old Hawkhill University of Dundee, DD1 5EH Cost: Free, non-bookable Audience: Families/All