University of Dundee

Chris Earl and Yosua Kristariyanto to join Europe’s finest University students in creative and intellectual collaboration at Roche Continents 2015

11 Jun 2015

Two Ph.D. students from Life Sciences at the University of Dundee have been invited to the highly prestigious Roche Continents - a full week of interdisciplinary challenges and inspiration at Roche Continents which takes place in Salzburg (during the Salzburg Festival) from August 11-17. 

Chris Earl from Robert Ryan’s Lab (Molecular Microbiology) and Yosua Kristariyanto from Yogesh Kulathu’s Lab (MRC-PPU) are two of only 99 students from the sciences and arts at European Universities who will attend this creative, interdisciplinary symposium to discover borderless thinking and to build confidence in the power of creativity and its ability to change the world.

Intellectual exchanges between the participants are both the core and goal of this yearly event with in workshops to break down psychological and ideological barriers between people who are on their way to becoming “tomorrow’s science and cultural leaders”. Scientists from across the disciplines work with musicians, painters, photographers and film-makers, and are given ample room and opportunity to interact formally and informally.

Based on a jam-packed programme of lectures, workshops and teamwork challenges, Roche Continents offers the future top-talents aged between 20-29 a unique opportunity to build new friendships, learn and grow as humans as well as intellectuals while enjoying concerts every evening in the unique setting of the Salzburg Festival.