University of Dundee

Diabetes group `adopts’ University research projects

09 Dec 2016

A Dundee-based diabetes support group is `adopting’ two research projects at the University of Dundee.

Dundee Diabetes Scotland Group has been running for over 50 years and works to support sufferers of Diabetes to help manage their condition. The group is now winding down but is bowing out with a generous gesture to researchers at the University, one of the UK’s leading centres for diabetes research.

They will give £1000 each to Dr Li Kang at the School of Medicine and Professor Hari Hundal from the School of Life Sciences, both of which are working at the University to find improved treatment for Diabetes.

Professor Hundal said, “I am extremely grateful to the members of the Dundee Diabetes Group for their generous support of our research.

“We focus on how cells sense availability of nutrients, such as sugar and fat, and how over-supply of these nutrients, as is commonly seen during obesity, can induce metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and diabetes.”

Margaret Whyte, from Dundee Diabetes Scotland Group, said, “We chose to support Dr Kang and Professor Hundal because their work focuses on type 2 Diabetes, which the vast majority of our members are living with.

“We want to ensure that research into Diabetes goes from strength to strength and we look forward to visiting the lab and researchers this week.

“We have supported people with diabetes, and those who are trying to find better treatments for it, for a long time. The Group is now coming to an end but we are hopeful our work can be carried on in future.”


Front from left: Margaret Whyte (Dundee Diabetes Scotland Group), Professor Hari Hundal and Rosalind Hume (Dundee Diabetes Scotland Group).

Back from left: Dinesh Shah (Diabetes UK funded PhD student, Hundal lab) and Dr Chris Lipina (BBSRC Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Hundal lab).