University of Dundee

SLS welcomes undergraduates to our Summer School

21 Jul 2017

Almost 50 undergraduate students will be undertaking summer projects within the School over the coming weeks. The majority are undergraduates at the University but we also have a small number from other Universities keen to work in the School that is number 1 for Biological Sciences research in the UK and to interact with our internationally renowned scientists. 

The students are working with our scientists from across all disciplines and departments in the School ranging from plant sciences to gene regulation and expression. Funding has come from a number of sources including our Sir James Black Prize Vacation Scholarships, the GRE Summer School, MRC Summer School and from society or other funding body vacation Scholarships.

As part of their time here, the students were brought together at a Summer School introductory event followed by a social event last week. At the end of their time, the students will be given the opportunity to present their findings at the Summer School Symposium taking place on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th August 2017.

More information on the different schemes in available here: