University of Dundee

Longest serving members of staff celebrated

29 Nov 2017

To mark our 50th Anniversary, the University hosted a celebration event at the Apex Hotel for its longest serving members of staff. The event was a thank you to all those staff who had contributed over 25 years or more to the University. Making a total of over 7,000 years, around 250 staff enjoyed afternoon tea and a chance to catch up with old friends.

In Life Sciences, we have almost thirty staff who have worked for the University for at least 25 years and three who have accrued over 40! This included our University Principal, Professor Sir Pete Downes who joined the University 28 years ago as a member of the Biochemistry Department. Our longest serving staff who have given at least 40 years’ service are Professor Grahame Hardie, Mr. Don Tennant and Professor Sir Philip Cohen (46 years).

University staff who work in or with the School and have accrued 25+ years’ service are:

Professor Geoff Gadd,
Mr. Calum Thomson,
Ms. Shona McLean,
Mr. Kenneth Beattie,
Mrs. Gina MacKay,
Professor David Lilley,
Mrs. Wendy James,
Miss Angela Nicoll,
Professor Andrew Flavell,
Professor John Peters,
Mrs. Gail Guild,
Dr. David G Campbell,
Professor Michael Ferguson,
Dr. Luke Newman,
Mrs. Monica Lacey,
Mrs. Jennifer Craig,
Mrs. Fiona Wheatley,
Dr. Alan Prescott,
Mrs. Pamela Halley,
Mr. Martin Kierans,
Dr. Nicholas Helps,
Dr. Lucia Guther,
Dr. David Norman.

An event will be held in the School for all staff who have worked in the University for at least 15 years and are currently based in Life Sciences. More details soon.