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August 2018

  • Dr Greg Findlay and Dr David Murray
    21 Aug 2018

    Two University of Dundee scientists have been awarded prestigious fellowships worth more than £1 million each to fund their research over the next five years. Dr Greg Findlay and Dr David Murray received Sir Henry Dale Fellowships that will enable them to develop the work and profile of their laboratories. Two postdoctoral positions will also be created at Dundee’s School of Life Sciences as a result of the award.

  • Gabriele Schweikert
    20 Aug 2018

    Dr Gabriele Schweikert has opened a new research laboratory in a joint appointment between the Division of Computational Biology in the School and Cyber Valley in Tuebingen. Gabriele will use Machine Learning Tools to better understand important molecular processes in living cells, with a particular interest in epigenetic mechanisms. 

  • Summer School students
    17 Aug 2018

    Life Sciences hosted over 50 students this Summer. This week, no less than 40 students, from Dundee, the rest of Scotland and the UK, but also from abroad as far afield as Singapore, presented their results in this years’ summer students symposium. There were two amazing afternoons with excellent and very well-structured talks.   Anton Gartner, Summer School Academic Lead, learnt a lot from the student talks, which covered to diverse research undertaken in the School. Highlights included:

  • Ulrich Zachariae
    16 Aug 2018

    An electrifying puzzle that has evaded scientists for more than half a century, likened to a cellular Mexican wave, has finally been explained, according to a team of European scientists led by the University of Dundee. The study, published in Nature Chemistry this week, explains how the switches that control signals to and from your brain across your body, making it possible for us to move, think and feel, are controlled.

  • Harunori Yoshikawa and Angus Lamond
    14 Aug 2018

    The Lamond laboratory have developed an efficient and highly reproducible new methodology for isolating polysomes and other large subcellular structures, termed ‘Ribo Mega-SEC’, which they have used to study protein translation complexes in cell lines and tissues.

  • Dr Ramasubramanian Sudaramoorthy
    10 Aug 2018

    Dr Ramasubramanian Sudaramoorthy and co-workers have determined the structure of an enzyme that regulates access to DNA bound to a ubiquitinylated nucleosome. This work has been published in the journal eLife.

  • Dr Sarah Coulthurst
    08 Aug 2018

    Dr Sarah Coulthurst, Deputy Head of Molecular Microbiology, has been awarded the Patrick Neill Medal for her outstanding research work in the field of microbiology, particularly in the area of bacterial communication and competition.

  • Dr Miratul Muqit
    02 Aug 2018

    One of the UK’s leading researchers into Parkinson’s disease has received a major funding award to continue with his groundbreaking work. Dr Miratul Muqit, senior researcher in the Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC-PPU), has been awarded £2million following the renewal of his Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science.

  • Past and Present - The Biological Sciences Institute and the allotments and edible garden that have replaced it.
    01 Aug 2018

    Students at the University of Dundee are being encouraged to think earthworm instead of bookworm following the creation of new allotments on campus. Plot holders can look forward to good thymes cultivating herbs or the swede taste of success with home grown vegetables after 20 raised beds were created on the site of the former Biological Sciences Institute on Miller’s Wynd.