University of Dundee

Silver Athena SWAN award for the School

24 Oct 2018

In recognition of the ongoing commitment to gender equality for all in our University community, the School has been granted a new Athena SWAN award. The School now holds a Silver Award following our previous Bronze Award granted in 2015.

Athena SWAN awards are a widely recognised standard for gender equality and require substantial action on the part of an institution and its people. Everyone might like to say they are committed to gender equality, but Athena SWAN requires robust evidence that we are living up to our words. These awards emphasise The University’s and School’s continued commitment to progressing this vital work, which underpins our ambitions to be a diverse institution with a shared purpose.

The awards represent a significant amount of work from colleagues in the School and Human Resources. A great deal of credit must also go to Jane Iles, who in her time at the University did so much to advance our work in this area. Professor Inke Näthke who led the School application said, “I am immensely pleased and proud to be able to deliver this for the University and the School. Thanks must also go to all the staff and students in the school and all over the University who supported this effort and helped to gather data for the application.”

The University holds an institutional Bronze Award and all of our STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) Schools are award-holders. The awards have been open to AHSSBL (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law) Schools since Athena SWAN introduced its new Charter in 2015 and all of our relevant Schools are working towards their own applications in forthcoming cycles.

The Athena SWAN Charter covers women and men where appropriate, and also trans people:

•    in academic roles in STEMM and AHSSBL

•    professional and support staff

•    in our student populations

In relation to their:

•    representation

•    progression of students into academia

•    journey through career milestones

•    working environment for all staff

You can find more information on the University’s Athena SWAN activity, including our most recent action plan, here.  Redacted versions of the application is available here.

The School has recently produced a summary booklet highlighting achievements made from the action plan in our previous Bronze Award and stating aims going forward as part of our Silver Award application. It also includes some results from the recent Staff Surveys. Find out more here.