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September 2019

  • Professor David Horn
    06 Sep 2019

    School of Life Sciences researcher Professor David Horn will receive a £2.1 million Investigator Award from Wellcome to decode gene expression mechanisms in trypanosomes, pathogenic protozoa that cause a range of human and animal diseases.

  • 05 Sep 2019

    Professor Angus Lamond has been appointed as the 2019-20 British Society for Proteomics Research (BSPR) Lecturer. In this role, the BSPR provides funding to allow Angus to present seminars at Universities and Institutes around the UK to promote research using proteomics technology. As the BSPR Lecturer, Angus is presenting lectures that build on his interests in applying multidimensional proteomics and data science technologies to characterise biological systems and disease mechanisms.

  • 02 Sep 2019

    One of this year's Life Sciences graduates, Caitlin MacInnes, has won the 2019 Royal Society for Biology in Scotland Outreach Champion competition. Caitlin undertook a Science Communication Honours project under the supervision of Dr. Ros Langston at the School of Medicine.