University of Dundee

SLSRSA Careers in Academia and Beyond seminar series comes to a close for 2019

20 Dec 2019

The Careers in Academia and Beyond seminar series organised by the SLS Research Staff Association (SLSRSA) continued this week with a focus on the transition from Postdoctoral researcher to Principal Investigator. A mixed audience of postdocs and PhD students gathered to hear from a panel of newly appointed PIs within SLS. In this informal discussion format we were able to ask the PIs to reflect on the successes and challenges they faced to date, to share their experiences and advice on applying for PI positions and to reveal their thoughts on becoming a PI.

We are very grateful to Adrien Rousseau (MRC PPU), David Murray (CDB), Leeanne McGurk (CDB), Gabriel Sollberger (CSI) and Megan Bergkessel (MMB) for sharing their experiences with us and wish them all the best for continuing to develop their labs in Dundee.

Previous seminars within the Academia and Beyond series included talks by Dr Janet Midega (Wellcome Trust Science Programme Officer), AMICULUM (medical communications specialists) and Dr April Kelly (Scottish Enterprise). We are looking forward to continuing this seminar series in the new year by welcoming more guest speakers to share their career paths.

The SLSRSA represents research staff through committee representation, networking events and seminar series. We also have access to a Career Development Fund which you can apply to in order to support your continued professional development by funding activities which are not directly related to your research. The SLSRSA would welcome ideas for events and activities, and has space for new committee members. Please get in touch for more information or to share your ideas (