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November 2021

  • 26 Nov 2021

    The University of Glasgow’s Lighthouse Laboratory project has won the Knowledge Exchange/Transfer Initiative of the Year trophy at the seventeenth annual THE Awards.

  • Aanchal Udaynath Pareri
    17 Nov 2021

    Aanchal Udaynath Pareri’s decision to give up her job and move 5,000 miles to study would have been life-changing at any time, but doing so at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic made the switch even more momentous. Her choice to relocate from Mumbai has certainly paid off, however, as Aanchal (26) is about to undertake a PhD at the University of Dundee as she aims to fulfil her dream of becoming a cancer researcher.

  • 16 Nov 2021

    University of Dundee researchers have been named “six of the best” in a new list of the world’s most influential academics. Four experts from the University’s School of Life Sciences, and a further two from the School of Medicine, have been named in Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researchers 2021 list. They take their place there alongside 24 Nobel laureates.

  • Professor Miratul Muqit
    12 Nov 2021

    Scientists at the University of Dundee and Harvard Medical School have identified the key targets of an enzyme that play a critical role in protecting the brain against the development of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing degenerative disorder of the brain. Patients develop involuntary movements and increasing disability. To date there is no cure or treatments that can slow the disease course.

  • Exscientia tree
    12 Nov 2021

    A fundraising deal to develop the ground-breaking capabilities of a University of Dundee spinout has won a major international award. The series D round that generated $225 million for the drug discovery firm Exscientia has been named as Global University Venturing’s Deal of the Year Award winner for 2021.

  • Seraina Blümli and Nicola Wiechens
    09 Nov 2021

    PhD Student Seraina Blümli and colleagues from the Owen-Hughes lab show the ARID1A subunit of the BAF chromatin remodelling complex organised nucleosomes flanking pluripotency transcription factors and association of the coactivator EP300. Following degradation of ARID1A, dissociation of EP300 at enhancers is associated with downregulation of transcription and EP300 reassociation with upregulation. Few genes are directly affected but widespread indirect effects accumulate slowly to phenocopy a premalignant state. 

  • SLS PhD poster session 2019
    08 Nov 2021

    The annual third year PhD poster session took place last week on-line, with excellent entries from 21 students across the School. Each poster was judged by three of the 12 judges, who included PIs and senior postdoctoral researchers – very many thanks to all who took part and congratulations on setting such high standards. Thanks also to FLUOROCHEM who kindly sponsored the event. This year was incredibly competitive with many excellent posters and enthusiastic presentations. The judges were really tasked with a difficult job. The winners are :