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Mission Statement

General Waste Disposal Routes

Comprehensive information regarding general waste disposal routes can be found on the SLS Health and Safety webpages. (UoD log in required)

Current Projects

Our current projects are aimed at understanding and improving our waste disposal but also reducing the waste generated by the School. We are working with two key groups in order to do this:

Waste Management Company NWH

The School of Life Sciences, Sustainability Action Team are working closely with the University's waste management company NWH, to ensure our waste is handled efficiently, and correctly. Most of the plastics used in our labs can be safely recycled as long as they are clean, dry, and packaged appropriately. We are putting processes in place to make sure it is easy for everyone to dispose of recyclables correctly.

Main Suppliers

Life Sciences are working with, and supporting our main suppliers in the introduction of new and innovative lab solutions, to reducing the carbon foot of research and increasing sustainability. 


Please send any suggestions to improve sustainability by email to

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