University of Dundee


Full Name Email Position Telephone Website
Dr. Nicola Caldwell Synthetic Medicinal Chemist
Dr Amy R. Cameron FHEA Public Engagement and Communications Officer +44 (0)1382 381023 Public Engagement
Miss Lorna Campbell Biologist +44 (0)1382 386658
Dr. Peter Campbell
Dr. Chiara Campoli Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Mr Marco Canizares PhD Research Student +44 (0)1382 385347
Professor Doreen Cantrell CBE FRS FRSE FMedSci Professor of Cellular Immunology and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow +44 (0)1382 385156
Samuele di Carmine PhD Research Student
Mr Barry Carr Software Developer +44 (0)1382 381863
Mrs. Rosalind Carroll Technician
Dr Thomas Carroll Postdoctoral Research Assistant +44 (0)1382 385825
Miss Sheena Carstairs College Finance Office Supervisor +44 (0)1382 385072
Mr Kieran Cartmill
Dr. Sandra Carvalho
Dr. Maria Casabona Postdoctoral Research Assistant +44 (0)1382 386339
Mr Ryan Casement PhD Student
Mr Guilherme Castro PhD Research Student
Mrs Cathy Caudwell Demonstrator +44 (0)1382 384889
Dr Kwok Ho Chan Postdoctoral Research Assistant +44 (0)1382 385840
Sarah Chandler PhD Student
Dr. Viduth K. Chaugule MRC Unit - Postdoctoral Research Assistant +44 (0)1382 388591
Dr Amanpreet Chawla Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Zhi-Hui Chen Senior Research Associate +44 (0)1382 385894
Mr Xiping Chen PhD Research Student
Dr. Jon Cherry Postdoctoral Research Assistant +44 (0)1382 388434
Dr. Soo Youn Choi Postdoctoral Research Assistant +44 (0)1382 386401
Sonica Choudry post doc
Dr Graham Christie FHEA FPhysiol Senior Lecturer, University Academic Lead for International activity in the ASEAN region and Programme Lead for the Joint Degree Programme with the National University of Singapore +44 (0)1382 384330
Dr Manli Chuai Senior Research Associate
Professor Alessio Ciulli FRSC Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology and Director of the Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation +44 (0)1382 386230 Ciulli Lab , Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation
Mr Paul Clark Technical Assistant
Miss Nicola Clark Technician
Dr Rosie Clarke Postdoctoral Flow Cytometry Facilitator +44 (0)1382 385817
Dr Laura Cleghorn Tuberculosis Portfolio Manager
Professor David Coates MBE CBiol FRSA FRSB FLS Professor of Life Sciences and Chancellor's Award Fellow +44 (0)1382 385111
Dr Janice Coates Senior Demonstrator +44 (0)1382 386768
Ms. Lesley Coats +44 (0)01382 381203
Dr Mattia Cocco Medicinal Chemist
Professor Geoffrey Codd MBE FRSE Emeritus Professor of Microbiology
Lara Codognotto
Professor Sir Philip Cohen FRS FRSE FAA FFMedSci Professor of Enzymology +44 (0)1382 388446 Cohen Lab
Dr. Isabelle Colas Honorary Lecturer
Dr Florent Colomb
Dr. Beatrice Colon
Mr. Ross Colquhoun Technician
Mr. Michael Conneely Research Assistant
Miss Caitlin Connolly Technician +44 (0)1382 386411
Dr. David Cooke Honorary Lecturer +44 (0)844 928 5428
Mr. Alex Cookson Research Technician
Dr. Victoriano Corpas Lopez Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Adam Corrigan Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Mr Shawn Cottrill PhD Student
Professor Sarah Coulthurst Professor of Microbial Interactions and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow. Deputy Head of Division of Molecular Microbiology +44 (0)1382 386208
Dr Angus Cowan Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Professor Victoria Cowling FRSE FRSB Professor of Biology, Lister Institute Fellow, MRC Senior Fellow and Deputy-Head of The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression +44 (0)1382 386997
Mr. Richard Cox Associate Staff
Mrs Jennifer Craig Senior Teaching Technician +44 (0)1382 385127
Mr Conner Craigon PhD Student
Professor Paul Crocker FRSE Professor of Glycoimmunology +44 (0)1382 385781 Paul Crocker Lab Website
Dr Arthur Crossman Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship) +44 (0)1382 384529
Miss Charlotte Crowe PhD Student
Mr. Mark Cumming Laboratory Technician +44 (0)1382 385127
Dr Thomas Cummings PDRA
Mr Michael Cummins PhD Research Student
Mrs. Linda Cunningham School Office Executive Support Assistant/ PA to School Manager
Mr Jamie Curran Research Technician
Mrs. Helen Currie Administrative Assistant
Mr. Ignacy Czajewski Research Technician