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January 2020

  • Prokaryotic Metabolism and Physiology book cover
    24 Jan 2020

    The new advanced text book on Prokaryotic Metabolism and Physiology by Byung Hong Kim and Geoff Gadd has been published recently by Cambridge University Press. This book follows on from their successful earlier Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism, first published in 2008, has been extensively revised and updated to take account of latest scientific advances, particularly in genomics and in the understanding of the archaea.

  • Professors Vicky Cowling and Tomo Tanaka
    22 Jan 2020

    Professors Vicky Cowling and Tomo Tanaka were given Investigator Awards from Wellcome in the recent funding round. Vicky’s award of £1.3M will allow her to take her expertise on mRNA cap regulation in a new direction while Tomo’s award of ~£1.5M will allow him to continue to build new knowledge on the process of cell division. This will fund their programmes of research for 5 years.

  • Water yam
    21 Jan 2020

    Researchers in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee have helped to uncover and understand the genome of a vitally important orphan crop, called water yam.

  • Lead authors: Mathew Parker and Kasia Knop
    16 Jan 2020

    A study published this week in the journal eLife, by a team at University of Dundee's School of Life Sciences uses a new approach to reveal the complexity and modifications of RNA that are essential to genetic control. They passed RNA through pores developed by Oxford Nanopore Technology to reveal directly the sequence of 1000s of RNA molecules.

  • School Prize Winners 2020
    15 Jan 2020

    Review of the Year 2019 took place today with the Dean, Julian Blow sharing the highlights of activity within the School from 2019. The presentation closed with the annual School prizes presentation. Here are the winners: Innovator of the Year Innovator of the Year is for any member or team within SLS that demonstrably achieved scientific, technical or commercial innovation that came to fruition in 2019.

  • Moraga lab authors
    14 Jan 2020

    Researchers in the Moraga group report the engineering of new tools to manipulate the immune response with the potential to treat human disorders. The research was done in collaboration with the Kazemian group (Purdue University, USA) and Mitra group (Centre de Recherche Jean-Pierre Aubert, France). The research was published in the journal eLife.

  • Senga Robertson-Albertyn (credit: David Martin)
    13 Jan 2020

    Stephen Fry has lavished praise on University of Dundee staff and students who have won awards, named after the University’s former rector, for their success in  sharing their work with the public. The Stephen Fry Awards for Excellence in Public Engagement celebrate the people and projects that engage with wider audiences, and the benefits they bring to society. The winners will receive their awards at the University’s annual Discovery Days event at the Dalhousie Building on Friday 10 January.

  • Professor Paul Wyatt
    09 Jan 2020

    Researchers in the School are aiming to make a breakthrough against tuberculosis. A $3million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation over the next three years will support the work of Professor Paul Wyatt's team. They will identify new treatment options for TB, under the banner of the `LEADS4TB’ programme.

  • Honours Project Symposium Prizes winners 2019 with Professor Claire Halpin
    06 Jan 2020

    Our annual Honours Project Symposium 2019 took place at the end of term in December. Again, we had two fantastic days of our undergraduate students showcasing their projects. The first day involved poster presentations given by all students and on the second day, selected competitive talks were presented. Symposium Prize Winners List Poster Prizes

December 2019

  • PiCLS Committee 2018-19
    20 Dec 2019

    Elena Purlyte, lead of the PiCLS committee between May 2018 until September 2019, has looked back on the achievements of the committee during her tenure. Elena said, “These were truly great and inspiring years working with amazing and motivated people to make the PhD student experience in the School of Life Sciences just a little bit better.”