University of Dundee

COVID Stories from the SLS Community

In 2020 the research landscape across the world has shifted focus to work together to combat COVID-19. In the School of Life Sciences, many of our staff and students, a group that continues to grow, have joined this collective research effort. This rapid response has involved our scientists diverting, in many cases, from their regular research projects to provide expertise for creating new tools to analyse the SARS-CoV-2 virus, working with clinical researchers or in some cases helping to coordinate or donating vital scientific equipment to contribute a national testing effort. None of this essential work could take place without our support staff who maintain the day-to-day activity in our research complex that is allowed to continue at this time.

We have asked members of our community to ask what it has been like in the School in light of all these changes? What has it been like for scientists that have refocussed to work on COVID-19? What has life been like in the School for all staff and students going into the lab during lockdown? What has driven the teams undertaking this work?

Part 1: MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit

Scientists Virginia De Cesare, Nicola Goodman, Lee Armstrong and Robin Pflughaupt are currently working on Covid-19 research projects.

Part 2: Support Staff

Support staff Mike Hannan, Karen Pope and Carol Urquhart reflect on the past few months of working during lockdown.

Part 3: Drug Discovery Unit

Scientists Beatriz Baragana, David Gray, Lesley-Anne Pearson and Colin Robinson are currently working on Covid-19 projects.

Part 4: Computational Biology and Immunology Research

Simon Li, Jason Swedlow, Frances Wong and Andy Howden are working on projects with connections to Covid-19.