University of Dundee

Computational Biology 2019

 K Mourão, N Schurch, R Lucoszek, K  Froussios, K MacKinnon, C  Duc, G  Simpson, G J Barton. 2019. Detection and mitigation of spurious antisense expression with RoSA.

 K Froussios, K Mourão, G Simpson, G J Barton. 2019.  Relative Abundance of Transcripts (RATs): Identifying differential isoform abundance from RNA-seq.

K Froussios, N Schurch, K Mackinnon, M Gierlinski, C Duc, G J Barton. 2019.  How well do RNA-Seq differential gene expression tools perform in a complex eukaryote? A case study in A. thaliana.                         

A Bartsch, S Llabres, F Pein, M Schon, M Diehn, M Tanabe, A Munk, U Sachariae, C Steinem. 2019.  High-resolution experimental and computational electrophysiology reveals weak ß-lactam binding events in the porin PorB.