University of Dundee


Research-driven excellence in technology

The Dundee Imaging Facility has delivered excellence in a broad range of imaging technologies since 2002. Originally founded in the School of Life Sciences, the Imaging Facility has steadily grown its links to all aspects of the University’s scientific research programmes. Its growth is driven by scientific need— new technologies are added or expanded as required to support the research ambitions of our scientists.

The purpose of the Facility is to provide a world-leading core microscopy resource to Researchers, Staff and Students in the life, biomedical and physical sciences and across the University.  The Facility houses >20 advanced light microscopy systems, including LSCM, WF-decon, SDCM, TIRF, MPLSM, FLIM and 3DSIM technologies. New acquisitions include a diSPIM and AiryScan systems.  The Facility also houses electron microscopy and atomic probe microscopy, which are used for research applications in the life and physical sciences. 

Interdisciplinary collaboration

The Dundee Imaging Facility has fostered links between photonics and biological and medical research— driving interdisciplinary collaborations by scientific need and demand. This bottom-up approach ensures the Imaging Facility’s sustainability— it is constantly linked to competitive, cutting-edge research programmes and applications.

A University-wide technological facility

The facility has a central hub in the School of Life Sciences, incorporating Advanced Light Microscopy, Super Resolution Microscopy, Tissue Imaging, the Physics and Life Science (PaLS) lab, Image Analysis and Sample Preparation. We have an additional Light Microscopy facility at the Ninewells campus, School of Medicine and our Analytical Electron Microscopy facility is housed in the School of Science and Engineering. All of our technology is accessible by all staff in the University of Dundee on an equal basis.

The Facility is overseen by a cross-School Advisory Steering Group.