University of Dundee

Opportunities for Principal Investigators

We Offer

  • Tenure Track and Mentoring Scheme
  • Institution Strategic Support Fund Schemes
  • Flexible Working Environment
  • Fully supported administration and lab management

“Established group leaders and junior researchers who are ready to set up their own labs are encouraged to get in touch to discuss what we can provide in terms of technological and research support.”
Professor Julian Blow,
Dean of School of Life Sciences


  • Dundee's reputation as one of the most dynamic international centres for research is based on our outstanding technologies to support fundamental research and translation. Discover our Technologies

  • Our Flexible Dependent Care Grants  aim to encourage the professional development of academics working in Life Sciences who have primary carer responsibilities. Discover More

  • A critical component of our research success is the quality of infrastructure and in-house support enjoyed by our scientists. These include our Central Technical Services (media services and wash up), IT support, Lab Management and Administrative Support for Principal Investigators. Read more

  • Our Interdisciplinary Research Fund (IRF) provides flexible support for collaborative or interdisciplinary research projects that combine different approaches in Life Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Bioinformatics, Data Analysis and Software Development. Discover our IRF

  • We provide our researchers with a range of professional and informal support systems to allow them to acquire new skills and develop their careers. We also have schemes designed to support families and promote gender equality. Discover More

  • Our schedule of seminars, research symposia and outreach events helps us foster a happy, dynamic and collaborative work environment for all of our staff and students, and also allows us to maximise the impact of our research.  Discover More


To keep as at the forefront of biosciences research, we are continually seeking new group leaders to take our research portfolio in exciting new directions. We offer an exciting research environment, with state-of-the-art technologies in a highly collaborative research community.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining us as Principal Investigator (research team leader), please contact the relevant Head of Division, or the Dean of School of Life Sciences.