University of Dundee

tayviz - the bi-monthly meeting of the Tayside and Fife network for data visualisation at CLS, Thursday 15 March 2012, 6pm SLT

13 Mar 2012

Here are the details for tayviz this Thursday:

Time: 18:00 (as usual), Thursday 15th March 2012.
Venue: College of Life Sciences Small Lecture Theatre, Wellcome Trust
Building, University of Dundee.
Each talk will be around 30 minutes, and light refreshments will be
provided. As usual, everyone is invited to join us afterwards for drinks
and dinner at a pub or restaurant nearby.
John Isaacs of the SAVE group at Abertay University (
Talk Title: "Interactive 3D Visualisation & Modelling of Real World
Seán O'Donoghue (, CSIRO and The Garvan Institute,
Sydney, Australia.
Talk Title: "Biological Data Visualization"
Experimental methods in biological research are delivering data of
rapidly increasing volume and complexity. However, many current methods
and tools used to visualize and analyse these data are inadequate, and
urgent improvements are needed if life scientists are to gain insight
from this data deluge, rather than being overwhelmed.
I will discuss a recent switch in focus away from algorithmic
bioinformatics towards data visualization and usability principles,
illustrating how such a focus can have significant impact, illustrating
these points with examples from my work on macromolecular structures,
systems biology, and literature mining (
I will also discuss a recent, international community initiative I’m
leading that brings visualization experts together with computational
biologists, bioinformatics, graphic designers, animators, and medical
illustrators, and aims to raise the global standard of bioinformatics
software (
Directions: Enter the Wellcome Trust Building via the main reception.
Look out for someone, or signs to lead you to the Lecture Theatre.
Google Map link for the main reception: