University of Dundee

Two Natural Environment Research Council grants for the Geomicrobiology Group

17 Apr 2015

Professor Geoff Gadd, Head of the Geomicrobiology Group has been awarded two grants from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) as part of their Security of Supply of Minerals initiative.

This grant is part of the NERC Security of Mineral Supply Initiative, which is concerned with the conservation, extraction and recovery of valuable elements and microbial metal and mineral transformations are seen as an integral part of future developments. The Security of Mineral Supply initiative with funding of £15 million, is also supported by EPSRC, the Newton Trust and FAPESP.

Only 4 consortium grants were funded in the UK, on 2 of which Geoff Gadd is the Principal Investigator. The consortium includes partners from the Universities of Manchester, Bangor, Leicester, Aberdeen, Southampton, Exeter, Edinburgh, the Natural History Museum as well as a range of industrial and academic collaborators in the UK and overseas. The grant will allow the Geomicrobiology Group to support 2 Post-doctoral Researchers and 2 PhD students for over three years.