University of Dundee

Helena Salmen

In 2008 I graduated from the University of Heidelberg with a degree in Biotechnology. Like many students I was challenging the question how to continue: Master? PhD? Industry? While looking for an answer, I discovered the Wellcome Trust program in Dundee. The program really interested me because of its interdisciplinary character in the first year giving you the chance to increase your experience, as well as helping you to choose your main project not to mention the high research quality in Dundee!

The program also offers a diverse curriculum and very good research training and finally led me to apply for it. I did my first rotation in Professor Ron Hay's lab in the Division of Gene Regulation and Expression and then I was working with epithelial cells in Professor Birgit Lane's lab. Finally, I was doing a project in Professor Tracy Palmer’ group workingon the Tat system in bacteria. During my rotations, I also realised that Dundee is not only one of the best places to do a PhD because of its excellence in research, but also because of the broad interaction between groups forming an inspiring and supporting scientific community!