University of Dundee

PhD Supervisors

Supervisor Projects

Professor Geoff Barton FRSE FRSB

Protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis and function prediction

Professor Paul Birch FRSE

Plant pathogen interactions

Professor Julian Blow FRSE FMedSci

How DNA replication is organised and controlled to ensure precise chromosome duplication

Dr Davide Bulgarelli

Structure, function and host control of the plant microbiota

Professor Sarah Coulthurst

Microbial competition and bacterial protein secretion systems

Dr Greg Findlay

Embryonic Stem Cell Signaling Modules

Dr Piers Hemsley

Regulation of protein function in plants by S-acylation

Dr. Yogesh Kulathu

Ubiquitin signalling mechanisms

Professor Karim Labib FRSE

Chromosome replication and genome integrity

Dr Sarah McKim

Developmental biology of plant architecture

Dr. Ignacio Moraga Gonzalez

Dr Mattie Pawlowic

Professor John Rouse FRSE

Control of chromosome stability and DNA repair in health and disease

Professor Gopal Sapkota

Untangling the TGFβ and Wnt signalling networks in cells, development and human diseases

Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall FRSE FRSB FEAM

Understanding the molecular mechanism of biofilm formation

Dr. Mahima Swamy

Immune interactions at the intestinal epithelium

Professor Tomo Tanaka FRSE

Mechanisms ensuring proper chromosome segregation in mitosis