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Baxter Chair of Chemistry

The Baxter Chair of Chemistry was instituted in the newly formed University College Dundee in 1881 as part of the original donation from Mary Ann Baxter and her cousin John Boyd Baxter. It was given its present title in 1955.

Previous holders of the Chair:

1882-1888       Thomas Carnelley

1888-1894       Percy Faraday Frankland

1894-1908       James Walker

1908-1913       Hugh Marshall

1914-1938       Alexander McKenzie

1938-1947       William Francis Kenrick Wynne-Jones

1948-1954       Douglas Hugh Everett

1955-1976       Arthur Donald Walsh

1980-2001       Colin Herbert Rochester

2018-               Paul Wyatt


Roscoe Chair of Chemistry

The Roscoe Chair of Chemistry was instituted in Queens College Dundee (University of St Andrews) as a second Chair in the Department of Chemistry in 1964. The Chair was named after chemist Sir Henry Roscoe (former Principal of Owens College, Manchester and later Vice-Chancellor of University of London). Professor Thomas Carnelley had been a student of Roscoe’s in Manchester. Sir Henry Roscoe was also a member of the University College Dundee Council from 1882 to 1915.

Previous holders of the Chair:

1964-1969       John Tedder

1969-2002       John Stuart Brimacombe

2018-                Ian Gilbert


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