University of Dundee

Graduate Destinations

We understand the importance of preparing our graduates to shape the world in which they live, not simply fit into pre-defined roles using pre-defined skills. Our graduates leave us prepared to take on the challenges of the modern world. Here are some examples of some of our graduate destinations:

Senga Robertson-Albertyn

Graduated 2015. Honours Project: Science Communication. 

Senga completed a PhD in the Division of Plant Sciences and is now a Postdoctoral Researcher there. During her PhD, Senga has been recognised nationally for her public engagement work. She was awarded the Microbiology Outreach Prize 2018 and was the first postgraduate student to be awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh Innovator’s Prize for Public Engagement in 2020.

“Being able to present your work is crucial in academia. At every career stage you need to be able to clearly articulate ideas and translate what you are doing in a way that works for a new student, a lab visitor or a professor.”
“I even got a paper out of my undergrad public engagement project, describing an activity that shows how gut bacteria influence health. Publishing a paper definitely gave me the competitive edge when I applied for my PhD.” 

Emma Cunningham

Graduated 2014. Honours Project: literature review with associated data analysis.

Emma is a Medical Writer for a global company in healthcare advisory and communications services, after working in clinical affairs.

Grant Carpenter

Graduated 2016. Honours Project: Science Communication. 

Grant currently works at a Strategic Theme Support Office in Research and Knowledge Exchange at the University of Strathclyde. Previously, he worked at Dundee Science Centre following the completion of his MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement at University of Edinburgh.

Rebecca Buick

Graduated 2017. Honours Project: Science Communication. 

Awarded Royal Society of Scotland Outreach Champion, went on to teacher training.

"Being awarded Outreach Champion is a great honour reflecting the invaluable opportunities available to me in my final year of study at Dundee University. The experience in Science Communication provided me with an ability to convey the applications of scientific research to the world around us. This has helped me develop a novel point of view on current science which will aid me greatly in my future career in education."

Samitha Congreve

Graduated 2017. Honours Project: Laboratory.

Samitha is a recipient of the Ali Knox Undergraduate Award, awarded to a student who, in the opinion of their fellow students and staff, has demonstrated determination and enthusiasm in overcoming enormous obstacles to succeed in their studies. She is an author on a publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry using work from her honours project. She is currently undertaking a prestigious BHF PhD Fellowship at the University of Glasgow.

"My honours project was one of the most enriching experiences during my studies as an undergraduate. It has inspired me to further expand my knowledge in cardiovascular research as I pursue my post-graduate studies."

Julia Weigandt

Graduated 2017. Honours Project: Laboratory.

Julia is now working in advanced drug delivery at AstraZeneca.

“Working at a pharmaceutical biotech company has taught me that it is important to understand both the business and the science aspects of the industry to successfully deliver a life changing product to the market. A course which is designed to train a new generation of science graduates in both of these aspects will be of benefit to anyone who is interested in working in the biotech industry.”

Margarita Kalamara

Graduated 2018 (MSci). Honours Project: Laboratory.

After completing her integrated Masters course, Margarita started a PhD in microbiology at the University of Dundee.

"The best thing about my course is that the teaching staff will go over and beyond to help their students in any way. I have been given so many opportunities since I started the course, from funded summer internships in research labs of the University to an honours project that was organised for me based on my own interests."

Micha Thompson

Graduated 2018. Honours Project: Science Communication.

Now working at Amiculum, a healthcare communications agency.

Daniel Squair

Graduated 2018. Honours Project: Laboratory.

Daniel came to Dundee through Access to Science course and an Applied Sciences HNC at Perth College. After achieving a first class degree, he is now undertaking a PhD at the University of Dundee. Read his story here.

“Now, I have a First Class Honours degree, and I am about to embark on a PhD with the Medical Research Council. My journey was not straightforward – I took the scenic route and enjoyed the trip!”

Hannah Adams

Graduated 2019. Honours Project: Science Communication.

Went on to gain employment at the University of Dundee in Marketing and Communications.

Ewan Campbell

Graduated 2019. Honours Project: Science Communication.

His Science Communication project introduced secondary school pupils to forensic techniques, is now doing a Masters in Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde.

Caitlin MacInnes

Graduated 2019. Honours Project: Science Communication.

Caitlin was awarded Royal Society of Scotland Outreach Champion 2019, and is now a science communicator at Glasgow Science Centre.

'I’ve learned valuable skills that helped me to succeed in my degree and that I’ll be able to take forward in my career. I hope in future to continue sharing science with the public and advocating the importance in doing so within the field."