University of Dundee


The Human Pluripotent Stem cell Facility was set up to allow researchers within the local scientific community to be able to work with hESCs and hiPSCs (and cells differentiated from them) without the need of any any prior experience. To this end, the facility offers a range of services tailored to the requirements of end users, including:


  • supply of undifferetiated cells in a variety of formats from 96 well plates up to cell pellets for proteomic analysis
  • training in working with human pluripotent stem cells
  • production of genetically engineered stem cell lines
  • assistance with the development of cell differentiation protocols and cell based assays.


The facility is hosted within the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology and is located on Level 4 of the Medical Sciences Institute.


The HPSC facility initially received support from the Wellcome Institutional Support Fund and matching School of Life Sciences and School of Medicine and Dentistry funds. The facility now receives support from a range external funding bodies for specific projects on a directly incurred basis.